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Since 2002, we have been manufacturing foam concrete machines. We have manufactured over 2000 units. Our plants operate throughout the CIS and abroad. On our site you can buy foam concrete machines and other things for manufacturing lightweight concretes.

Foam concrete machines delivery

  • Shipping foam concrete machines all over the world
  • Shipping by sea or air, depending on your location
  • Delivery terms depend on your location
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Technical support

We provide technical support, consulting and help for our customers at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Blueprints of forms

For our customers, we provide free blueprints of forms for the manufacturing of foam concrete blocks.

Сomposition of ingredients

We provide composition of foam concrete ingredients and technical manuals for the manufacturing of lightweight concretes.

Get free the proportions of ingredients, and calculate the cost price of foam concrete

Get the composition of foam concrete ingredients and find out:

  • How much you will save on the construction of your house from monolithic foam concrete ?
  • How much you will earn on your own manufacturing of foam concrete blocks ?
  • How much you can make money on the production of foam concrete works ?
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