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Foam concrete machine

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BAS130 foam concrete machine overview

Foam concrete machine (CLC mixer) BAS130 designed to prepare a uniform foam concrete mass by mechanically whipping the cement-sand mixture and foam (depending on the formulation) followed by pneumatic unloading along the concrete pipe to the place of use.

This is a mobile maсhine for the production of foam concrete, which should be paid attention to both developers such as contractors and construction companies. BAS130 allows to fill walls, floors, roofs. Filling of prepared building voids. Manufacturing blocks of foam concrete (CLC blocks and CLC bricks) and polystyrene concrete of various sizes, density and purpose.

Equipment for foam concrete BAS130 is universal and allows to receive foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other materials on the basis of a concrete mix. Mixer promote efficient mixing of concrete mass, intensive air entrainment and even distribution of all components to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Equipment BAS130 creates excessive internal pressure with the help of a air compressor with a capacity of 200 liters / min with a receiver of 30 liters and feeding the mixture to the equipment site by means of compressed air. The air compressor is purchased separately.

This equipment belongs to mobile stations for manufacturing and supplying foam concrete, foam-polystyrene concrete and foam concrete mixes, for use directly on construction sites. Can work both permanently and mobile. To date, this installation is an indispensable thing in the construction of cottages, holiday homes, garages. It can also be used for the production of CLC blocks and foam concrete with a density of 200 to 900 kg / m3.

Features of BAS130

The peculiarity of BAS130 is that it is produced not only for power supply from the 380v network but also from the 220v. This makes it possible to work in any remote locations that are not equipped with industrial power supply networks. The maximum width of BAS130 is 950mm. Such a small size and the presence of the wheel set allow free movement in already constructed buildings (for the production of screeds and other works).

Light weight and dimensions allow it to be transported in a trailer of a car like pick-up, which minimizes transportation costs. This equipment for the production of foam concrete is made in such a way that there is practically nothing to break. The only consumable in it is the graphite grease, which is sold in any technical store. Low cost of this equipment allows to reduce commercial risk of its operation to a minimum.

BAS130 specifications

140 Kg
Outer dimension (L*W*H)
1200 x 950 x 1250 mm
Loading height
900 mm
Mixing volume per time
0.12 m³
Mixing system pressure
0.6 kg / cm²
Density of the produced lightweight concretes
200 - 900 kg / m³
Theoretic delivery distance
15 m
Theoretic delivery height
6 m
Power supply voltage
220 v
Motor power
2.2 kW

BAS130 productivity

Volume of one batch/operation
0.12 m³
Duration of one batch/operation
7 min.
Performance per hour
1.03 m³
Productivity per shift work
8.24 m³
Productivity in 2 shift works
16.48 m³

Additionally required

Air compressor
capacity 200 l / min, receiver 30 l
∅ 50 mm
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