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Polypropylene fiber

foam concrete additives

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Description of polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber is a reinforcing additive used in the production of foam concrete and foam concrete blocks (clc bricks), made from polypropylene. It is a thin matte white fiber.

This type of fiber is produced by forcing a hot mass of polypropylene through very small holes. After thermal drying, the resulting fibers are cut into pieces of the required length and a special chemical treatment is performed, which further contributes to the uniform distribution of the fiber in the foam concrete.

The structure of polypropylene fibers acts as a reinforcing additive. Fiber connects the parts of the monolithic structure of lightweight concretes and protects them from destruction under the influence of pressure and deformation. The experience of using this reinforcing material has proved that polypropylene microfibers make the amount of microcracking much less and do not allow them to go into the cracking stage, and also contribute to compaction at the microstructural level. All this affects the aesthetics of finished concrete structures and products and their durability.

In recent years, polypropylene fiber, as the cheapest reinforcement technology in construction, is gradually replacing metal and plastic reinforcement cages.

Polypropylene is an absolutely neutral and environmentally friendly material. Due to this, polypropylene fiber is used as an additive in the construction of all types of buildings, regardless of their purpose.

Polypropylene fiber application

This additive can be used in concrete and foam concrete of various types and densities, waterproof plaster mixes, in the production of cement-sand screeds, for monolithic wall filling, in the construction of houses and technological buildings.

Polypropylene fiber is recommended for the production of clc blocks of various types from aerated concrete. It is also used for monolithic filling of walls made of foam concrete.

Physicochemical characteristics

Fiber diameter
0,02-0,05±0,005 mm
12 mm
0,91±0,01 г/ cm³
Resistance to acid, alkali


Shelf life
Polypropylene/plastic bag
Size (L x W x H)
350 x 245 x 410 mm
24 kg

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